In honor of Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry, who played Chandler Bing in the sitcom Friends, died on October 28, 2023, at the age of 54.

In honor of Perry and his sad smiles, I have translated a short story about a clown who goes to a psychologist because he cannot laugh from the bottom of his heart. The psychologist tries everything to make the clown laugh, but nothing works. Finally, the psychologist has an idea: he tells the clown that there is a new circus in town with a clown who is so funny that he can make even the most depressed person laugh.

The clown replies, “Mr. Doctor, I am that clown.”

This story is a reminder that even those who make others laugh may be struggling with their own pain. Matthew Perry’s life was a testament to this. He battled addiction and depression for many years, but he always managed to find the humor in life.

Please watch this clip of Matthew Perry’s performance on the show “Friends” as a tribute to his talent and his legacy:

Link to YouTube clip of Matthew Perry’s best moments on Friends

Thank you, Matthew Perry, for making us laugh. You will be missed.

In honor of Matthew Perry and his sad smiles

Canadian-American actor who lived ten seasons in the sitcom Friends…

I don’t know if you’ve read his memoir and know about the depth of his painful suffering?

Matthew Perry’s biography reminded me of this short story that a clown went to a psychologist and said: Mr. Doctor, I can’t laugh from the bottom of my heart no matter what I do.

And the doctor first told a few funny jokes, but the man didn’t laugh.

Then he showed a few comedy photos and videos, but still a smile did not come to the patient’s lips.

And the psychologist tried everything, but failed to make his patient laugh, but just as he was about to lose hope, a spark came to his mind and he said: I get it!

Recently, an international circus has come to this city, in which a clown with world fame performs, and his performance is so funny that even if you have the deepest depression and sadness in the world, you will laugh!

And Chandler Bing replied, Mr. Doctor, I am that clown….

With the voice of Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani