The Best Way to Attract Foreign Customers in Van, Turkiye – Turkiye export – Turkiye Import

Are you looking to attract local and international customers?

The only way is to rank on Google search results.

A special offer for you!

– If you are looking for customers for retail or wholesale

– If you are a manufacturer or exporter

– If you are a hotel owner, restaurant owner or manufacturer of clothing and cosmetics…

I have a special offer for you

I only have this offer for a completely credible business person in the city of Van:

The city of Van is Turkiye’s closest border city to Iran. Iran’s population is over 80 million people, most of whom in the cities speak Azari and as you know over 90% of tourists entering the city of Van are Iranians. Most of them travel to this city to shop for branded and Turkish products.

Many Iranian businesses are also looking for Turkish products for the Iranian market.

So if you want to export to the Iranian market, this is a special offer for you!

I am a web designer and I cannot design and optimize a website in Persian and Istanbul Turkish for you, nor can I handle the Persian website support myself.

Why did I make this partnership offer?

As you know, due to US sanctions, Iranians do not have the opportunity for international trade from within the country. Therefore, I am looking for a reputable businessman or company for employment cooperation.

If you have a suite for accommodation, part of the employment cost can be deducted for suite rent.

– I was previously in Malaysia and since Turkiye is a neighbor of Iran and my mother tongue is Azari, I intend to come to Van, Turkey.

– Many Iranians use sites like Sahibinden and Trendyol to search for Turkish products, but a Persian website means communication in their mother tongue, building trust and converting visitors into customers!

– I will use artificial intelligence like this text to translate your website into Istanbul Turkish. 

– I have a few good Persian language sites that placing your link and banner ads on will quicken the process of increasing your site’s ranking and attracting customers from Google.

If you have any questions or offers, please contact me here or on my WhatsApp number.

Thank you

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