The Wall street China!!

The Wall Street China!! Trump – Mexico border and Great Wall of China!

The money and wall is the war reason between Trump and democrats. It seems Trump must break the wall between democrats first, so create the Mexico wall!

An offer for democrats ! It seems no need to pay budget for the wall and just need to move current great wall between you and Trump to the Mexico border! and I am sure it covers all of Mexico border ! lol

and with this high tech you can do it fast and easy

Trump asked $ budget to build a wall between USA and Mexico borders.

USA must have a wall like the Obama's house, Trump said!

USA must have a wall like the Obama’s house, Trump said!

USA must have a wall like the Obama’s house, Trump said!

The Democrats, who know Steel Slats (Wall) are necessary for Border Security, are putting politics over Country. What they are just beginning to realize is that I will not sign any of their legislation, including infrastructure, unless it has perfect Border Security. U.S.A. WINS!

. Many times ago I thought Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the united states and Trump will be looser! but now I am glad for this mistake! It seems Trump is a better president for the United States of America and a better leader for the world, off course with his all mistakes!

Evidence suggests that he will do this and now this is the big question!

What will be the fate of this wall in the future without Trump?

Trump’s future in the history books !

Like Berlin war Will be destroyed or like a great china wall will be a tourist attraction?

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