Professional web design for Iranian. Are and Iranian person in Canada? Do you have  abusiness in Malaysia? Do you need a Persian language SEO web design?

Are you one of the Iranians abroad whom is looking for a professional web designer?

The most Iranian citizens abroad gives web design service to a foreign.They have many reason for it:

1-Think a foreign designer is better than a Persian web designer and will have more professional website

2- Want to have a bill statement to give to the TAX office and other financial offices.

But we will read below this view is not correct.First of all please don’t forget Persian (Farsi) is the language of an Iranian. Language is a thing was with a Iranian even before the birth! I mean the Persian is a mother language of each Iranian person and the mother speak with his child is in her abdomen.

As you see you must remember mother language is the best contact way with your customers. If your website is just to English with out Persian language, you can be sure will lose the most visitors of your site !

Because an Iranian never trust to a English websites has no mark of his nationality! He called it an alien!

You must ask this important question “How can I become successful, but I do not care about customer’s perceptions and emotion?

How can you expect have a good business with Iranian meanwhile you don’t attention to the initial rule of the business.

Then as you see you must have a multilingual website If you want to have success with Iranian customers.

But this is not easy ! Because you must find a professional web designer whom to be familiar with the Persian language and encoding !

Search engine optimization is one of the most tools you must use it in your web site designing process, If you want to have the real visitor !

for example you are a business man have a Persian restaurant in Europe and want to have Persian people as a customer. Your website designer must have familiar with Persian language rules and encoding to SEO your website according to your business need. I mean optimize your website for Iranian people located in Europe.

If your website has good seo score you can be sure your website will be first in the Google search result with the keywords are related to your business.

For example : Persian restaurant in Dubai, Iranian restaurant in Dubai, Persian restaurant in UAE, Persian food in Dubai, Persian drink, Persian club in Dubai in Dubai and etc..

Please note this is easy for a foreign but how can he SEO your website to Persian language?

رستوران ايرانی در دبی | رستوران ایرانی در امارات | غذای ایرانی | شام ايرانی | نوشیدینی ایرانی | رستوران پارسی در دبی | کلوپ ایرانی در دبی

Then as you see you must give your website design service to a Persian. Of course to a Iranian professional web designer!

I am an Iranian with more than 15 years experience can create a professional website on lowest price with the bill !

What do you think about the cost you must pay for a professional to a foreign designer with the 15 years experience?  I can do it with a third of the price!

A foreign web site designer will design a single language website with minimum equipment from $8000 with SEO, but you can have a multilingual website with professional SEO between $ 1500 – $5000!

You may ask how can I trust?

It is so easy! you pay just Euro 150 at the first and pay remaining the money after finishing the work!

You also can search my full name ” Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani” on to find some SEO eBooks have been wrote by me !

Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani


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