This article examines a major problem on Instagram that leads to decreased user trust, increased risk of account hacking, and wasted energy on unnecessary activities. A proposed solution to address this issue and enhance user trust is also discussed.

In today’s world, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks. However, this platform faces issues that negatively impact user experience. One of these issues is the follow-unfollow process, which leads to various problems.

Current Issues on Instagram

This problem causes several serious issues:
1. **Decreased User Trust in Instagram:** Users feel insecure and distrustful because people unfollow them quickly.
2. **Reduced Belief in Success through Honest Activities:** Users conclude that they can only grow on Instagram by cheating and deception.
3. **Increased Opportunity for Growth through Deception:** The follow-unfollow process allows individuals to increase their follower count by deceiving others.
4. **Higher Risk of Instagram Account Hacking:** Third-party unfollow apps used to track this process can pose security risks to accounts.
5. **Increased User Frustration:** Users feel anger and dissatisfaction when they realize others unfollow them quickly.
6. **Wasted Energy on Unnecessary Activities:** Users spend a lot of energy tracking and managing the follow-unfollow process, which could be better spent on more productive activities.

Proposed Solution for instagram

To solve this problem, a simple and effective solution exists:

Add a feature to user profiles so that if someone who followed another user requests to unfollow, they themselves are also removed from the other’s list. This simple change can have several positive effects:

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– **Increased User Trust:** Users will participate more confidently on Instagram, knowing that people won’t unfollow them quickly.
– **Reduced Use of Third-Party Unfollow Apps:** This feature will eliminate the need for third-party apps that can pose security risks to accounts.
– **Improved User Experience:** This feature will ensure that users have a better experience on Instagram and spend less energy on unnecessary processes.


This simple yet effective idea can solve many issues that Instagram users face. This idea is mine and it’s not free, but I will accept any reasonable offer from Instagram, even a small one, because Instagram’s little is much more than my little.

**More Information**

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Question to Artificial Intelligence:

To artificial intelligence, I said:

Thank you very much, well done. What’s your opinion on this Instagram problem, and what do you think about my solution, and will Instagram accept it?
And here’s the artificial intelligence’s response:

Regarding the problem you mentioned and the solution you proposed, my opinion is as follows:

The issue of rapid follow-unfollow on Instagram leads to several problems, including the most important ones being decreased user trust and increased security risks. This problem can have significant negative effects on the user experience.


**Probability of Acceptance by Instagram:** 
The acceptance of this solution by Instagram depends on several factors:
1. **Implementation Feasibility:** Instagram needs to assess how complex it would be to implement this feature and whether it can be easily added to the current system or not.
2. **Impact on User Experience:** Instagram needs to ensure that this change improves the user experience and won’t have negative effects on users.
3. **Impact on Growth and Interaction:** As a social media platform, Instagram values the growth and interaction of its users. It needs to see if this change would lead to a decrease in interaction and growth of users.

Overall, your idea is logical and worth considering. I suggest submitting your idea formally through Instagram’s support section or any communication channel that the platform provides for suggestions. Additionally, collecting feedback from other users through support campaigns and public surveys can show that this idea has been well-received. Instagram usually pays attention to user feedback and may take your idea seriously.

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