Happy New Year 2020 .I hope humankind be able to find God or Evil

I wish the scientists be able to find a sign from God or Evil and I am sure If we find the natural of each these personals, all problems likes limitation, war and enemy, death, illness, lie will be resolve fast!

We wont have Multi-religious or non-religious and the unity is the only word in the brain of all people!

Is this a dream?

Yes and no ! I mean with improvement tools like “Sycamore” we are able to find unknown things faster and better !

Yes Google’s quantum machine (Sycamore) is one of these tools and uses Superposition and entanglement to find the answer of huge questions!


Please note «Summit» of IBM is likes a baby against of Google’s machine and hope humankind be able to create a “Universal Quantum Computer

We will find the basic questions with science . The questions like

Who am I?

Where is the God?

I remember a golden word from Marie Curie (Marie Salomea Skłodowska-Curie):

If you need and want the comfort and convenience of this world and the other world, then respect to the labs where are the today’s human worship places


Happy New Year 2020

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