professional marketing idea for Iran Market

Iran has more than 80.000.000 population . It means there are a huge markets in Iran for all business. We want to show you the Market opportunities in Iran

Are looking for import or export opportunities in Iran? Language is the initial tools for contact . Persian is the language of Iran. We can help you to have a persian website for Iranian people or finding Sales Representative in Iran

طراحی سایت ده دلار

Market opportunities in Iran

Are you an international producer factory or trading company which are looking for the best marketing way for Iran market? I am here to help you with an win-win offer.

Iran has more than 75.000.000 population and it means IRAN is good market for your good and services. You must to be familiar with Iranian old culture to be able make an effective and powerful marketing idea. Having a creative idea for marketing is depended to your marketing plan. You must pay attention to feel how to introduce your product?

professional marketing idea for Iran Market

I am an Iranian and can design a website for good SEO rank on Google search result for Persian keywords.

For example if you are in Malaysia please have a look here:

Advertisement in Iran to local language for Malaysian or international companies

I‘m a writer and poet. It means I feel the energy and of the words. you know it is so important in Marketing !

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I also have a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

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I am talking about Emotional branding

Emotional branding has important rule in marketing communication.

create a bond between the consumer and the product by provoking the consumer’s emotion

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I can link your brand to the target market in Iran

My name is Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani

The member of the Iranian E-Commerce Scientific association from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade (Iran)

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