Online marketing and importance of the International Mother Language

A day just for the International Mother Language Day. 21 February was declared to be the International Mother Language Day by UNESCO in 1999

Mother is our first teacher, she learns us how to talk , how to think, how to chose and how to live!

and mother language is with us from birth to death. It gives a vision to life. Please have a look to the local advertisement of the international companies! They design an advertisement and marketing plan according to the language and culture of the people in each country!

A new business look at mother language

Some of these people create a new business just for their compatriots. But this is the important questions: Which media or advertisement plan is good to supply service or good for all of compatriots whom are living in each part of the city !

Having a website is a good idea

But according to my research this is the big mistake of the most business owners.

I am talking about monolingual website!

Please let me to descript with an example. about 1.000.00 Iranian people are living in the united states that each of them has it’s own needs to product and services.

Many Iranian’s business owners covers these needs and the most of them have a website, but with a big problem!

They ask to an English website designer to create a website for their business and naturally  they will have an English language website.

This is good but is not enough if you want to have a marketing plan and make effect on visitors and change it to a customer and loyal customer!


The answer is easy and it is about the importance of mother language.

You want to talk to a foreign language with them !

© 2020 Mehdi Mohammadi Dehghani