The best advertising idea for baby diaper and adult diaper producers marketing

There are many producer of diaper in the world that each producer has its own brands. for example Huggies – Pampers – Molfix – Pull-Ups

Huggies brand is the biggest producer of diaper that is under Kimberly-Clark company.

Pampers is in the next level and

Molfix – is other brands in the diaper’s world market

Diaper Marketing

A unique and creative way with different content in advertising and marketing for diaper marketing! This ads idea can be used to any language for local marketing!

If you wish, I have a complementary idea that will be more effective.

Best advertising for baby diapers and adult diapers

You surely know that success in sales is impossible without advertising, and of course you have your own reasons, but in my opinion the best reason for the importance of advertising is this belief of mine: Even a very valuable treasure, if hidden, in fact has no special value with all its intrinsic value!

But the important point is to use different advertising tools correctly. A great man once said that a picture can tell a thousand words unspoken, and this is very true, but before the invention of the camera! In other words, I think this statement was made before the invention of the camera and imagine that every second of a movie has at least 25 frames!

Which diaper factory?

I did search Google and find the best diaper producer at the world class level and As I said Pampers is one of these produces! This company has a website to send invocation ideas but there is a problem and it is that this company ask:


  • Advertising ideas such as a song, slogan, ideas for a marketing promotion or script for a commercial.

What do you think about the law? I can send my advertising idea to pampers and tell them nothing is important than grow and this advertisement idea will help pampers to grow more and more.

You think is better that send it for other diaper producer li9ke huggies, molfix and etc!?

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