Who puts my cheese apple pie in its place? Why Apple Shouldn’t Miss Out on This Advertising Idea?!

Discover who ensures the perfect placement of my delectable cheese apple pie. Explore why Apple mustn’t overlook this groundbreaking advertising concept. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to delve into these enticing topics!

And Steve Jobs created Apple…
And so it was that Apple claimed the title of the world’s most admired technology company for a decade in a row, and it’s only natural that if the Forbes neighborhood named Apple as the world’s most valuable brand for eight years in a row.
And such a ranking, even in the face of powerful competitors such as Google, Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi, only shows one very important point.
That creativity and innovation are always present in Apple’s organizational veins.

In this regard, I have a proposal for senior Apple executives from Phil Schiller, Apple’s marketing manager, to Tim Cook, Warren Buffett and Jony Ive.

I have a valuable advertising idea that can increase the brand power and sales of your company. This is an advertising idea in the form of a video that showcases the unique capabilities and prominent features of Apple’s new products to influence customers’ lifestyles and create significant value for the Apple brand.

Due to the creativity and innovation present in this advertising clip, I am confident that this intelligent video advertisement has the ability to attract new customers. Through the unique images and ideas present in this video clip, it will also remind current customers why Apple has been at the top for years.

ideao for apple _ Who puts my cheese apple pie in its place? Why Apple Shouldn’t Miss Out on This Advertising Idea?!
Who puts my cheese apple pie in its place? Why Apple Shouldn’t Miss Out on This Advertising Idea?! idea for apple

My suggestions for selling the idea to Apple are as follows: the latest model of Apple’s phone, Apple shares as many as desired, and a minimum of one million dollars for the value of the idea.

Of course, this one million dollars is just a proposal, and I will explain the reason for it. If it is not approved, I will give up the idea to Apple without expecting even a dollar from them, and with the same Apple phone and even one share of Apple, which is very valuable to me.

I hope my idea excites you. If you are interested, I will provide full details for reviewing this idea.

Also, with your approval, I am ready to collaborate on implementing and improving my idea to bring maximum benefits to Apple.

But I have a request from senior Apple managers in Malaysia.

Due to the limitations that the parent company has in accepting foreign ideas, I am presenting my idea directly to you. I hope I can be introduced to the top authorities through you so that I can present my idea to Apple.

Finally, as a last hope, I have a request from active Iranians at Apple!

Presumably, many Iranians are working at Apple or have worked with Apple before, including Ali Farhadi, Sina Tamaddon, and Mahnaz Milani, Apple’s engineering program manager.

I need the support of these dear people to send and review my idea, and I hope to have the email of Apple’s senior marketing and advertising managers.

Because I am completely sure that this advertising idea is so valuable that Apple should at least consider it.

I am looking forward to your suggestions and hope to see an official Apple email in my inbox very soon.

mmd.name aTsIGN yahoo.com

Because in the next step, to attract the attention of Apple’s marketing department, I want to make the clip and put it on YouTube, which may have maximum effectiveness for the idea, but it comes with risk.

And again, I hope to see Mr. Tim Cook’s approval signature at the bottom of my proposed idea.

idea for apple company | Who puts my cheese apple pie in its place? Why Apple Shouldn’t Miss Out on This Advertising Idea?!
How to send idea for APPLE ?

With thanks and respect,

اپل – چه کسی پای سیب پنیری من را سر جایش می گذارد؟

here’s a list of Apple’s products and services

– iPhone (smartphone)
– iPad (tablet)
– Mac (computer)
– Apple Watch (smartwatch)
– AirPods (wireless earbuds)
– Apple TV (streaming device)
– Apple Music (music streaming service)
– iCloud (cloud storage service)
– Apple Pay (mobile payment service)
– Apple Arcade (game subscription service)
– Apple Fitness+ (fitness subscription service)

As for the key keywords that may be relevant to your idea and Apple,
advertising, marketing, video, creativity, innovation, brand power, sales, customer lifestyle, value, and product features.